DDFileCatcher is no longer for sale

After 18 years, we decided to stop selling DDFileCatcher. For several reasons, the return on investment has decreased and we cannot justify spending more time developing or marketing the program.

The main reason for withdrawing DDFileCatcher from the sale is that the number of downloads has reduced over the years to virtually none. In 2003, DDFileCatcher was often the highest ranking Google search result for several keywords. Over the years, Google changed its algorithms and every time we tried to optimise our search engine results, DDFileCatcher fell further down the rankings.

With the rise of Facebook and social media, Google penalised sites that did not have a strong presence with lots of links from sites like Facebook, Twitter, forums etc. For a simple utility program, it is difficult to generate any interest in social media.

DDFileCatcher fell several pages further in Google rankings when Google prioritised sites that were mobile friendly, although DDFileCatcher is a Windows program that can't be used on mobile phones. We redesigned the site to make it mobile friendly but the search results did not improve.

Google began pushing sites that appeared to be from large companies up the rankings. This included a physical address an evidence of a large workforce.

Microsoft changed the name of Windows Explorer to File Explorer. Much of our marketing was based on listing files in Windows Explorer.

DDFileCatcher can work directly with local versions of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word, but more users are moving to the web-based Microft Office programs.

Many programs have been written to solve specific tasks on lists of Windows files. These were more useful to users than one that made file lists which then needed to be put in another program.

Thank you for your interest in DDFileCatcher.

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