Copy Windows file lists into Microsoft Excel

Copy a file name list to an Excel worksheet
  • Save a Windows file list in an open Microsoft Excel Workbook
  • Save a new Excel Workbook with a file list table
  • Import file lists into an existing file list in Excel
  • Show over file properties in an Excel table
  • Create hyperlinks to a list of other document in Excel

How to copy Windows Explorer file names to Excel file lists

Drag and drop files or folders from Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher and then export the file list to Excel. You can create a report based on Windows Explorer searches by selecting all the files from the search and adding them to DDFileCatcher.

Add file list tables to an Excel Worksheet at the cell of your choice. Just select the cell where you want the table to start, and click the "send" button. DDFileCatcher also saves file lists in new Excel Workbooks without the need to open Excel. Copy filenames,file paths and choose from over other properties to list in Excel.

file list in excel with hyperlinks

Add more file records to existing file list tables

DDFileCatcher recognizes the file properties in existing file list tables in Excel, and will append the tables with new file records with the same file properties. It can also replace records in an existing file list with new files.

Open files from Excel using hyperlinks

Creating a hyperlink to another file or document in Excel is time consuming if you use the built in manual method for each file.

DDFileCatcher lets you find all the files for the list at once, selected file properties, including hyperlinked file paths and file names, and saves the list into either a new Excel document, without needing to open Excel, or add you can more files with hyperlinks to an existing table in an Excel Worksheet.

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Make file list reports in other formats

Other built-in output formats include Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Writer, XML, CSV, TSV files, and templates you design yourself. DDFileCatcher uses several ways to collect files, including drag and drop from Windows Explorer. It gives a choice from over file properties, and saves file lists in Microsoft Excel in tables.

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