Import a list of Windows files into a Word table

DDFileCatcher is an application that lists Windows files and makes tables in Microsoft Word containing the file information.

file list in a word table with hyperlinks to open the files

Using the "Hyperlink on filename" property allows files to be opened from within a Word document. This is time consuming to do manually.

To add more files to the table at a later date, just put the text cursor in the table, and DDFileCatcher will add rows with the same file properties used in the table.

The 3 ways to make a file list table in Microsoft Word are:

Save the file list to a new Word DOCX Document

Add files to the file list in DDFileCatcher, select from over file file properties for the file list table.

file properties to put in word document

Choose the "Microsoft Word DOCX document" output format. Check the box to add headings to the table, and click the save button.

controls to save a file list to a word document

Here is the saved Word document. The file list is in a table with the file property names as headings. Using the "Hyperlink on filename" property you can open the images from the Word document.

list of files saved in a table in a word document

Insert a file list to an existing Word document

DDFileCatcher can make a new file list table in a Word document, and also add extra rows to a table or replace existing file list rows with rows from new files.

To add a table containing file information into any Word document. Select the "Word table (in running Word)" option on the output tab. Open the Word document and put the text cursor where you want the table to appear. Follow the instructions and then click the "Send file list to Word" button.

Add files to an existing file list table in a Word Document

If you have a file list table in a Word Document. Put the text cursor in an existing file list table in Word that was made by DDFileCatcher, and click the "Send file list to Word" button.

DDFileCatcher will automatically add the same file properties that are in the existing file list table, and add rows to the end of the table.

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