List Microsoft Office Document Properties using DDFileCatcher

boxshot of ddfilecatcher file listing program
  • List over 30 document properties in any order
  • Simply drag & drop to select of files and folders
  • Choose from over file properties to display
  • File lists with document properties in multiple output formats, including XML

Microsoft Office Document Properties saved in file lists for analysis or printing

DDFileCatcher is a file listing program, which displays document properties built into documents produced by Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, Project and Powerpoint and Publisher. The document properties section has 30 document properties to show. DDFileCatcher puts the document properties and other file information in formatted Microsoft Word tables, Excel spreadsheets, disk files or the the Clipboard in the format of your choice. When the file list is saved in an Excel spreadsheet, the file list can be filtered or sorted on the document property columns.

Other Document Property handling features of DDFileCatcher

Make a report showing Document Properties

Want to make a report in Microsoft Word or Excel showing document properties? Use DDFileCatcher to collects files from Windows Explorer by drag and drop or using file and folder dialogs or saved search instructions. Select the document properties you want, using a form with preview of the properties, and save the file list to a Microsoft Excel XLSX workbook or a Word DOCX document.

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