DDFileCatcher revision history

Thanks to all our users who have helped us to improve DDFileCatcher since 2003. If you don't have the latest version, please download it from the Download button on the right. If you have any comments or suggestions about DDFileCatcher, please let us know. We always reply as quickly as possible and appreciate all feedback.

Date Version Changes
22 October 2016 Removed trial version limitation of only 5 files.
18 August 2016 Increased maximum number of file property columns in a Microsoft Word table to 32.
27 July 2016 Major improvements to custom formats, which we now call "Templates". Templates are now much easier to make, and they are also more flexible. They can, for example, output file property values all on the same line. We also:

  • Improved the startup speed
  • Reduced pop dialogs for setups saving
  • Added detection and reporting of bad file properties, that is ones that could cause a crash otherwise

This version saves data differently, so will not load setups and templates from previous versions.

5 July 2014 Added some missing file properties. Speeded up loading.
6 February 2014 Fixed fault where shortfile paths and folders were not output.
21 January 2014 Fixed bug where repeatedly clicking the "Use a setup" menu was causing the program to crash.
18 July 2013 Simplified license structure for new new licenses, by changing the banded system eg "Up to 5 licenses" to just chosing the number of licenses. This does not effect existing licenses. Added new currencies to purchase page for version 5.
3 April 2013 DDFileCatcher can now add a file list directly into an open Microsoft Word Workbook, as was done with Excel last month. It can also recognize existing file list tables and add further file records to them with the same file properties.
12 March 2013 DDFileCatcher can now add a file list directly into an open Microsoft Excel Worksheet. It can also recognize existing file list tables and add further file records to them with the same file properties.
26 January 2013 Released a version that fixed problems caused by Windows updates KB2742599 and KB2742598, which were preventing the program from running on 64 bit machines.
19 December 2012 Added a context menu to Windows Explorer, to send files and folders to DDFileCatcher or the Clipboard. Added a "Check for updates" tab to show latest changes. Several other minor improvements and bug fixes since launch of version 5. Started twitter account #ddfilecatcher for news on the program.
30 October 2012 Complete redesign and rewrite. Added more ways to find files, better ways to automate file listing, a better way to save and reload useful setups and templates, a better way to choose file properties. This really is a massive improvement. Version 5 is for Windows 8, 7 and Vista. Version 4 is still available for Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 8.
12 November 2011 Fixed bug with error message for non-existant file.
28 December 2010 Resized text labels and buttons to fit the text better on Windows 7 and Vista. Fixed bugs in Template Maker and Command File Maker dialogs.
8 November 2010 Major redesign of DDFileCatcher. Simplified operation and speeded up operation, reduced memory requirements. Now saves Microsoft Excel and Word, and OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and Writer files to disk. Improved hyperlinks in documents.
1 September 2010 Added right alignment in Excel for numerical propertiesAdded right alignment in Excel for numerical properties and link to new blog (Help & articles) on help menu.
30 August 2010 Added hyperlink output to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc and HTML. HTML image code for a range of sizes, forward slash file paths.
1 June 2010 Added "Folders Only" mode. When Folder file property selected and some other properties (if wanted), only folders can be dropped onto DDFileCatcher or added through searches on drives or folders, and only items which are folders can be output. Added "Windows Explorer Comments" property for image files.
15 April 2010 Fixed bug that prevented files being saved to disk in some cases.
29 March 2010 Minor improvements and bug fixes for Command Files. Added button to clear destination, output format and file information selections. This allows Command Files to use the existing settings for these properties if desired when DDFileCatcher runs a Command File.
25 March 2010 Major new features added: Command Files, for saving setups and automating file listing, and Templates, for entering custom output formats. Templates can also be used in Command Files.
19 October 2009 Fixed bug which caused an error when opening setting form for Microsoft Excel and Word.
12 October 2009 Added a Preview form, to show to show the effect of the different settings, which is easier to understand than by reading text descriptions.
15 May 2009 Modifications to make program compatible with Windows Data Excecution Protection (DEP). DEP is a security feature added to Windows by Microsoft.
3 May 2009 Introduced test for "Edit Mode" in Microsoft Excel. If the user was in the middle of editing a cell in Excel, and tried to interact with Excel using DDFileCatcher, an error message popped up, which froze DDFileCatcher. Now, DDFileCatcher checks for this and asks the user to finish editing Excel first.
22 April 2009 Added the "Search Subfolders" option from the "Options" menu to a toolbar button. Improved filename property display to always display the file extension even if Windows Explorer is set to hide known filepaths.
4 April 2009 Fixed bug where when selecting file properties, it was possible to accept the dialog without filepath, filename or shortfilepath being selected.
2 April 2009 Improved listing performance for large numbers of MP3 files. Updated file for listing of Microsoft Office 2007 document properties. Fixed bug that left add-in installed in Word and Excel if file send operation was cancelled.
3 February 2009 Changed the installation method from self-extracting exe to Windows Installer Package (msi). The old installer couldn't be made to work the way we wanted with Vista. The new version is completely completely compatible with Vista, and requires no extra settings changes once installed. Changed the version numbering system to fit with Vista standard.
19 January 2009 3.04 Simplified and improved method of choosing output destination and format. Extended option for adding the date and comments to most output formats. Made folders andfile namesformat available to all output formats including XML. Added output to Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets. Greatly reduced the time taken to produce large lists of folders and file names. Improved method of Vista installation, so extra user action is now not necessary.
9 December 2008 3.037 Added HTML table output. Fixed bug in version 3.036, which was causing an error when trying to save some formats to a disk file.
25 November 2008 3.036 Added HTML table output, which can be used to save file lists to web pages and Google Documents. Added new category of file property - Version Information. This is the information found on the Windows Explorer file properties version tab.
27 October 2008 3.02 Changed initial run procedure for Microsoft Vista. Vista installs the program with Administrator privileges. This meant that the first time DDFileCatcher was launched, it was running at Administrator level, and files could not be dragged and dropped onto it from Windows Explorer, which is at User privilege level. Now, on first run, a message box instructs users to restart the program to set the privilege level.
20 July 2008 3.01 Fixed bug that was causing add-in files not to be found by Microsoft Excel and Word.
14 July 2008 3.00 Major new release. Changed the way DDFileCatcher puts file information in Microsoft Excel and Word. Instead of launching DDFileCatcher from installed menus in Excel and Word, now files are dropped onto DDFileCatcher, and new menus on DDFileCatcher, "Sendfile pathlist to... | Microsoft Excel" and ".. Microsoft Word" are used. It is now not necessary to install add-in files for making DDFileCatcher menus in Excel and Word.
2 May 2008 2.5026 Fixed bug that was causing an error when zip files were listed with the shortfile pathproperty.
27 April 2008 2.5025 Improvements to Excel add-in.
18 February 2008 2.5024 Improved compatability with Windows Vista by changing locations where files are saved.
8 February 2008 2.5023 Added digital signing of download file. Added the shortfile pathproperty, eg "C:\PROGRA~1\DDFILE~2\ddfc250.exe", which is useful for programmers for passingfile namesas parameters.
17 January 2008 2.5022 Fixed bug that was bringing up a message box behind the program when launched from Word and Excel and was causing the program to freeze, because the OK button could not be pressed.
3 January 2008 2.5021 Extended functionality of Microsoft Word and Excel addins to recognize existing file information in tables or rows also in 'Filenames only' format.
19 November 2007 2.5020 Added 'filenames only' format for people who do not want fullfile pathsin the output. Added stay-on-top push pin to toggle the program staying on top.
22 October 2007 2.5019 Fixed bug which was causing Audio File artist to be reloaded as Image File Artist and bug which was causing Setup Form not to open.
9 October 2007 2.5018 Improved handling of large numbers (1000s) of MP3 files. Improved user information for large numbers of files by adding estimated time for output of file information.
25 August 2007 2.5017 Improved loading of setups. Sometimes, when a lot of file properties were displayed, they would not all be removed when a new setup was loaded.
13 August 2007 2.5016 Added 8 more MP3 and media file properties. Now has 16. New properties include, bitrate, track number and title.
25 July 2007 2.5015 Added code to deal with the rare case that a file does not have a "date modified" property.
2 May 2007 2.5014 Added headings option for comma separated variable and tab delimited file data. Improved format for these types by removing commas or tabs from the the end of lines.
31 March 2007 2.5013 Fixed bug which was causing Microsoft Office Document Properties not to be displayed.
12 March 2007 2.5012 Added media files duration property with 2 versions - h:mm:ss and number of seconds. Improved license key entering method.
11 Dec 2006 2.5011 Added the "File Owner" property. A user had pointed out to us that this was missing.
25 October 2006 2.5010 Fixed bug which was causing "Properties to Show" button from being disabled unless version was registered.
5 October 2006 2.5009 Added a further 22 Microsoft Office document properties to the file properties DDFileCatcher lists. Improved the property selection form by putting the file properties in alphabetical order.
24 Sept 2006 2.5008 Improved methods of selecting file infomation to show and of changing file information order.
24 August 2006 2.5007 Improved XML output including new format, added Windows Explorer specific image properties, now reads from all CDs and DVDs, added ISO 8601 date formats - for sortable dates, added headings option.
30 July 2006 2.5006 Greatly increased speed and reduced memory useage when listing image files.
27 June 2006 2.5001 When started from the Desktop shortcut, the program was putting a file on the desktop instead of the application folder.
26 June 2006 2.50 Complete rewrite. Now lists more than 100 file properties in any order. Save/load setups, XML format added, MP3 and digital camera file properties. Searches subfolders and complete drives.
3 April 2006 2.149 Improvements to speed when adding many files at once.
22 March 2006 2.148 Removed buttons to install Microsoft Word and Excel from the startup form, as they were causing error messages when clicked on some machines.
8 March 2006 2.147 Improvements to loading of Microsoft Word addin, which was creating mulitple memus on some machines.
31 August 2005 2.146 Changes to allow DDFileCatcher to install Word and Excel add-ins on a different drive to DDFileCatcher.
26 July 2005 2.145 Minor improvements.
4 July 2005 2.143 Inexplicabably, Word and Excel add-ins had stopped working. Fixed problem.
11 May 2005 2.142 Minor bug fix withFolders/Filenames option.
6 May 2005 2.141 Minor bug fix. Error message showing intermittently after installing Word and Excel addins from the startup form.
3 May 2005 2.14 Major redesign of program internals to enable speedy listing of thousands of files to Microsoft Word, Excel, text files and the Clipboard.
25 March 2005 2.13 Minor improvements.
2 March 2005 2.12 Improvements to date/time display.
27 Feb 2005 2.11 Minor improvements.
11 Feb 2005 2.10 Bug fixed, which was preventing the program from being called from Microsoft Word and Excel on some systems. This version will restart the day trial on previous versions.
20 Dec 2004 2.03 File size reduced. Startup time reduced. Help file changed from WinHelp to HTML Help. Performance of add-ins for Microsoft Word and Excel improved. Several performance enhancements. Install and uninstall functionality improved.
19 Sept 2004 2.02 Minor improvements.
6 Sept 2004 2.01 Added hints to menu items and buttons. Improved menus and help files. When called from Microsoft Word or Excel, now launches DDFileCatcher with the same columns as the table in the calling application. Cured problem of leaving a trail of images over Excel spreadsheet.
10 Aug 2004 2.00 Major new version. Now also can be launched from Microsoft Word and Excel. Word add in has option to make tables in Word, and also identify existing tables and add to them. Excel add in identifies existing formats of files in a spreadsheet and adds to them. File extension, size and date information can now be selected. Existing users get free upgrade. Please contact us for details.
11 Dec 2003 1.04 Minor modification. When the files in each folder were listed, they were listed in alphabetical order even if the alphabetical sort option was not selected. Now the files in each folder can be listed in the order they were dropped onto DDFileCatcher.
18 Aug 2003 1.03 Added a new format to save files from folders to the Clipboard or text file. The folder is given on a line and thefile namesonly of the files in the folder are listed on separate lines beneath it. Toolbar buttons added for the commonly used menu functions. Auto paste functionality added, where any file copied in Windows Explorer using Ctrl-C is automatically added as a textfile pathin DDFileCatcher.
29 Jul 2003 1.02 Minor improvements.
5 May 2003 1.01 Minor improvements.
26 April 2003 1.00 Initial release.

If you'd like to make any comments or suggestions about DDFileCatcher, or report any problems, please contact us.


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