Testimonials from some of our happy customers

  • "You have a highly superior and incredibly useful software product here! THANK YOU - very much appreciated!!! This is something just about everyone should have and use!!!

    Think I have been using a couple of different version now a year or two after you got started way back when! Your software has saved me so many headaches. A year or so ago I got lazy putting files to images etc...of course then I needed to locate images and had a heck of time - your software helped me to recover a year's worth of my laziness and now am up-to-date...every day...no more procrastination!" Rob B., Canada, Nov 23, 2016

  • Webmaster/content editor lists files in Excel

    "I'm the webmaster/ content editor for one of the largest inbound call center providers in the world (www.clientlogic.com) and I am required to track every web page that is updated.

    Very often, I have to list 20 to 50 filenames on an Excel spreadsheet. I used to spend so much time copying & pasting each file name. But your program makes it a snap! It has saved me from doing several hours of tedious work each month.

    Super fast, super simple! Thanks for this outstanding program." Tim Clo, ClientLogic

  • Investigative Analyst has more time for law enforcement

    "Your software is unbelievably awesome! I work for law enforcement and it has saved us many, many hours of possibly tedious work. Good Luck and thank you for such a great product!" Joan, Investigative Analyst

  • "DDFileCatcher is exactly what I needed. It's the absolute perfect solution. Works great - thanks very much." Mark Feldstein, COO/CFO Jeff Kerber Pool Plastering, Inc. www.jeffkerber.com

  • "This is a really great application. It saved me countless hours of work on the very first project. And you may tell anyone you wish that I said so." Wendell Gunn.

  • "We've relied on the software for several years now - it makes our transcription record-keeping tremendously more efficient, enabling us to easily log audio file names into the spreadsheet, along with their durations. Don't know what we'd do without it. Patrick D. Chisholm, Accentance", May 30 2013

  • Sonar music sample file expert has listed all his files in an Access database

    "I have used DDFileCatcher to sort out all my Sonar music sample files I have thousands of them. All the sample files, which are spread out over an number of discs hidden in deep directories, have now been listed and location registered into an Access Database where I can rate them, find them, sort and finally relate each samples to the individual composition projects, which can use many samples. DDFileCatcher has saved me an enormous amount of work and is well worth what I paid for it". Gordon Corbridge more from Gordon

  • "I love this software. I capture names of thousands of files regularly, import the list into Excel and then into Access to associate with other data tables. What used to take weeks, now takes less than one hour to complete the entire process. It's a real bargain." Cheryl Cozart, July 30 2014

  • "Thanks! You are right, there are many, many utilities out there. It's just not easy to find simple, elegant and easy to use. DDFileCatcher is certainly one of the best." Regards, Alex

  • "It really makes my data analysis work much easier when I have to copy a list of several hundred word documents over to another document." Sincerely, James

  • "I really enjoy the product and it is very helpful". Stephen N. Feb 19 2013

Windows file listing software
  • Apply custom formats and preview your file lists before outputting them
  • Choose from over Windows file properties to display
  • Save file lists for databases, to html, xml, csv, and to the Clipboard.
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